Untitled - initially posted on Tumblr as "kincats" - July 18th, 2014

Sorry, a bit of violence in the following paragraphs. But with a topic like movesets, how can it be avoided? Pokemon fighting is the same as any other animal fighting; natural in the wild and encouraged by humans.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what my moveset would be. All I know is that I hated moves that relied on my psychic power, because I felt it was weak to stand back and fight using moves that my opponent couldn’t resist. Standing far away while throwing the opponent against a tree with my mind sounds much less fun than actually engaging with them even today. But perhaps another reason is the fact that I constantly tried to piss off my trainer as much as possible. I don’t remember the exact details, but they caught me to be their team’s Psychic-type, and all I wanted was to get away from humans. Just like this current life, I suppose.

I remember going in and slashing something across the face. This leads me to believe that I had Sucker Punch, Fake Out, or Scratch as one of my moves. Rage filled my mind, and I see a flash of the opponent, their appearance blurry and yet small, like a rodent, flying towards the ground.

There’s one thing that doesn’t equal out for me, though. I remember favoring an attack that involved using my tails, but according to the Pokedex data it’s impossible for a Meowstic to learn any of them. Did I use my tails to attack without them being part of a move? Giant, fluffy tails don’t sound like good weapons… but if so, I wonder why they hurt opponents? The very action I usually did is imprinted in my mind; jumping into the air, doing a flip, and curling my tails so that even if i didn’t slam down right on top of the enemy, I would sweep them and hopefully trip them afterwards.

I do have reason to believe that I had Psychic, despite my aversion to using it. Perhaps my aversion to it only began once a trainer caught me and it wouldn’t save my life or guarantee dinner any more. Now that I was caught, a flimsy toy for a human, I refused to use a move that I considered the weak way out in front of them. I wonder… did they ever release me? Maybe I’ll remember more later. I hope so.

Sitting in this chair, feeling the two tails swaying, smiling… I’m glad I accepted that I have this kintype. I feel… strangely at peace.

Short Addendum: July 21st, 2014

…I’ve been thinking and I’m still really convinced that I did have Iron Tail, but it’s impossible to prove it because the pokedex goes against it and it’s getting really confusing. Glowing tails that slam into enemies, knock them into the air, and leave small chasms in the earth below… doesn’t that sound like Iron Tail? This makes me wish I had dreams or memories more often, or perhaps just remembered…

This brings up my curiosity on how long ago this life was. I feel a stronger connection to my life as a domestic cat than my life as a Meowstic in many ways, such as how tangible the limbs feel to me, how comfortable I am with said limbs, and how vivid the associated memories are. But I feel that forcing myself to try and remember more will only bring me frustration and a bunch of false memories I implanted in my mind that didn’t really happen…