Welcome to my personal site. You can call me Whisker, though I'm also known by other names in various places, and I'm a grumpy old cat (no, not old, just feels that way) who's been around the 'kin community for around a decade.

This is normally the part where I refuse to share my 'types until I get to know you better, but this is my personal site, where I'm specifically supposed to talk about this, so there is no better time.

In my interactions with others, I speak most about being a domestic black cat therian. This is responsible for the "whisker" half of my url. It is the experience that most heavily influences my life and behavior; while my other 'types also play a part in my daily life, I would consider the discrepancy between my current body and my cat self the facet that causes me to struggle most when living among humans.

I am also fictionkin; though there are much more minor, sporadic experiences regarding fictional identities that I sometimes have, my fictotypes are the only ones I would consider prominant enough to call myself currently. These would be a Meowstic (M) from Pokemon, Sayaka Maizono from Dangan Ronpa, Ivlis from The Gray Garden, C-ta from Shuuen no Shiori, and Mika Kagehira from Ensemble Stars. I don't like how many I have, and don't hassle me about it.

I'm also otherhearted; my hearttypes are crows and Agapanthus praecox. I'm bad at talking about this properly, but I'll try. I do have synpaths, but I feel that they likely won't be relevant enough to bring up on this site. You'll know if they are (since there will be an essay or snippet about them).

I don't discuss it much, though it is responsible for the "program" half of my url, but I am also a fictive of Rin Kagamine, a Vocaloid. I am a program, an AI, that lived in a computer. Though this is the base identity underlying who I am as an individual, I have been in this world for a long time, and my kintypes tend to have more of a sharp impact on my day-to-day experience, so I don't talk about it especially often, and strong feelings related to it only well up sometimes. Therefore, I haven't really written about it, but one is welcome to ask me about it or prompt me to do so.